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Edith Schreiber

465 W George Bush Highway #101
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 783-1919
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465 W George Bush Highway #101, Richardson, Texas 75080

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  • You can be assured that you will be exposed to all the homes in the area that are in your price range and meet your needs.
  • You will have representation from the first time you see your new home, through negotiations, the escrow process, close and after.

What my clients are saying (27)

01/13/2018 - zuser20160807191033637

It was a pleasure to have Edith Schreiber as our selling agent.
She is very responsive, professional, caring and such a friendly lady.
Thank You Edith for making our selling experience with you GREAT !!

Thank You

04/23/2017 - tiffany m harriman

Edith took excellent consideration in my wants and needs in my first home. I could not be any happuer whete i am. She took distance, price, and my safety concerns and found my perfect location. I loved working with her and will most definitely use her again.

02/01/2017 - stephaniebeitler

Our experience working with Edith could not have been better. We were moving from another state and looking to buy our first house in Texas, which could have been a very difficult process- she made it so much easier for us. She was on top of everything and always responsive. Having someone knowledgeable that we trusted was instrumental and we could not be happier with the home we bought. I would recommend Edith to anyone!

01/07/2017 - zuser20140626102241171

Edith is the best realtor to work with. Not only does she listen to you but she teaches you and guides you every step of the way in buying your new home. Edith knows the business and has the resources to find answers to any questions that arise during the process. For example: (1) when you receive information from friends or vendors to do one thing or another, Edith knows the valid answers. (2) She was always on time for appointments. (3) Has her laptop handy to look up information on the houses you view. (4) Edith made sure I was aware of notations within e.g Seller's Disclosure so nothing would hole up the purchasing process later.

10/21/2016 - user6877450

Edith was referred to me through a friend that I trusted so much. I wasn't disappointed.

Edith helped us to buy our first home in an incredibly daunting seller’s market. She was FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, PATIENT and CARING. She was also well KNOWLEDGEABLE of the local market conditions.

Her COMMUNICATION was amazing. At some point I thought her working hours were 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. She was always available through phone, text message or email. She often called us just to see how we were doing or if we had any questions. She would always get back to me immediately with any inquiries, an important thing, especially in a seller’s market where time matters.

Edith also had a great network int the area. She hooked us with other professionals such as an inspector, a finance person, an insurance company etc. that made the purchase process much easier and smooth especially for a person like me who is very busy at work and does not have the time to explore..

Edith was always well prepared. She would come with a list of properties to be visited for the day; all printed, with prices, school information etc. on them. We would smoothly cruise across those properties and later discuss with her.

When it was time to make an offer, Edith was well EXPERIENCED. We first overbid a second buyer and then successfully negotiated other deals with the seller before the closure.

Overall, Edith is a excellent real estate agent and I recommend her to EVERYONE!

10/04/2016 - lgwil0

This lady is an outstanding agent. She was our guardian angel in selling our home and continued to monitor the entire process once we left the area. She went out of her way to ensure all loose ends were completed. She is a true professional and a joy to work with.

06/02/2016 - marcusmccree

It is with great pleasure to write a review for my knowledgeable, capable and sweet realtor! As a first time home buyer, she walked through the entire process with extra TLC as I did not know a thing about purchasing a home. She was very detailed and explained everything and made sure I had full understanding NEVER making me feel pressured to rush into anything. Edith was able to answer ALL questions I had (I had plenty) and if she did not have an immediate answer she found out very quick and would let me know as soon as she did. I love the fact that Edith is accessible! I work in the car business and have a very busy schedule and Edith was able to work around it. We went to showings at 730 in the morning on a Saturday morning before work, Sundays and even evenings before nightfall and most of the time if was with less than 24 hour notice and Edith was ALWAYS there and ON TIME! I HIGHLY recommend Edith for your home search, you WONT be disappointed!

03/17/2016 - esthernmartinez

Edith did an awesome job in helping us to find a home. She is very knowledgeable and patiently walked us through the home buying process. She takes time to explain things and answer any questions you may have. She was always accessible and ready to show us houses. Most importantly to me however, was that she genuinely cared and was determined to help us find a house we would be happy with.

I was so happy to assist you, particularly after the challenges you had with a previous agent. I was determined to make our experience together a positive and productive one. I always do try my very best to be responsive to my buyers and sellers needs, which is especially important when they've not bought or sold a home recently (things in our DFW have definitely changed!). I look forward to seeing you again when you are ready for the housewarming party! Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you & your new husband - I hope you will both be very happy for many years to come! =)

03/08/2016 - jcustis5

Edith is amazing. I was so appreciative of her expertise and assistance throughout the process. She responds immediately, and she is efficient with her time and yours. Not only have I recommended her to others, I will be seeking her assistance with all future real estate transactions.

Thank you!!! It was truly my pleasure to assist you with the purchase of your lovely home, and I welcome the opportunity to assist you, your friends & family with future real estate needs.

01/10/2016 - brookegarcia 12

Edith Schreiber made our moving experience amazing. Renting or buying - she's a blessing! My husband was blessed to meet her by chance out and about and brought home her card. From the moment we started working with her a HUGE amount of pressure and stress was lifted from our shoulders. She followed all of the leads I found on Zillow - and there was never any pressure when my picks turned up a little less than what I was looking for. She was amazing at getting showings scheduled within hours or a day. Mind you - she did this all during Christmas-time, when most of us are pulling our hair out with extra-long to-do lists. The real kicker came when she had a few places to show us for the day - and one was a "surprise." I don't know how she did it - but she found us our home in the area we were looking for within our price range. It was perfect. I'd have never found it on my own! Zillow is great & all, but it's half the equation. Pair it with someone as amazing and knowledgeable as Edith Schreiber and you'll have no regrets. She walked us through all the paperwork, made sure we were protected in the process - and made paperwork enjoyable. Thank you Edith for bringing laughter & class to professionalism! And thank you from my husband for taking all the stress off of our move! ;)

Thank you so much - it was my pleasure to help you, and I look forward to your new arrival in June!!!

12/05/2015 - takeownershipnow

Edith was the best agent and person we could have had to help us buy this home. She worked day in and day out with us to search our desired area here in Plano and we ended up with the exact house and neighborhood we sought. Patient, hard working and dedicated. We love her!

11/02/2015 - robertma1323

This was out second time to use Edith. She knew what we needed to do to sell our home and was available for any questions. She was helpful in telling us what to look for in the price of a him.

09/29/2015 - angelo mateo

When I was planning my relocation from Orlando, FL to Plano, TX, Edith was a delight to collaborate with in my making my transition less stressful and enjoyably unforgettable. She was prompt in responding to my requirements, knowledgeable about my targeted locations, equipped me with proper resources for my housing needs, and, more importantly, she answers her calls. I made so many attempts to connect with numerous real estate agents (calls & emails) in preparation for my relocation and Edith was the only one who answered my call.

Edith is incomparably reliable, dependable, and highly proficient to ensure the successful outcome of my goals. I give her a 5 Star endorsement in my making relocation from the Sunshine State to the Lone Star State delightful.

Thanks so much - I was very happy to help you with your relocation to Texas and I hope you will continue to be happy in your great new home!

09/27/2015 - tbchristie

Edith worked with us for more than 18 month to find a home in a challenging market. I was surprised that any realtor would have that much patience! On top of that, she was extremely knowledgeable about the neighborhood and very hard working. She amazed us by remembering details (that changed as we went through the process) regarding what we were looking for. Once we found the home, she arranged the sale of our existing home in minimum time. I don't know of many realtors that would be so patient and pleasant throughout such a long period of time.

07/27/2015 - bbeab

I connected with Edith shortly after my transplantation to the Dallas area. She patiently stayed in touch, without ever pestering, for over a year during the protracted process of selling my house back East. When it came time to search for and buy my new home, Edith was my calm, professional and trusted advocate in the thick of a zany seller's market.

03/21/2015 - RobMcDonald6

When we first met Edith it was at a home that was foreclosed on in Grapevine. We were just out visiting open houses and saw this house, so we went in to look. We were not really in the market, just beginning to get an idea and let Edith know this when we met. At first, we expected to then just be ignored as we had by every other realtor we met in this hot seller's market, since we didn't have a pre-approved loan set up.

However, we received the unexpected from Edith, she treated us as if we were ready to buy. She explained in detail about what buying a first home is like and how to get pre-approved for a mortgage when we were ready. It was nice to be treated with such respect, despite the fact that she knew we were not going to be buying that day or really any time soon. In addition, she was very friendly towards our children and didn't mind how a 5 year old and a 3 year old might act when being dragged around all day looking at houses.

Fast forward about a year and a half later and we were now in the market, although still hadn't taken the step to get pre-approved. The bad news was we couldn't remember Edith's name and lost her business card, so we contacted a random agent here on Zillow for a house we were interested in. He was rather rude, pushy, and arrogant about how long he has been an agent for in Grapevine. He gave us some names and numbers to contact for a loan, and out of the three he gave us two were just like he was, and the third seemed to be giving out misinformation as we later found out. After receiving what we thought was pre-approved loan from this man, we contacted back the agent and he didn't get back to us, after several attempts, his assistant did, but we had concluded that we didn't want to work with him and fortunately had not signed any contracts with him, so we were free to leave.

My wife and I were rather distraught over the negative experience with him, so we really put our minds to work to come up with Edith's name. She had not contacted us over that year and a half, during that time, I actually appreciated it. I can't stand sales calls, so I thought this was a good thing. I definitely was wrong about this and looking back I wish Edith had contacted us even though we were not in the market for a long time from our initial meeting, just so I would have known who to call when we were buying.

Anyways, while driving around one day, I remembered that her name began with an "E," so I started to check my phone contacts and thanks to Google keeping contacts from old phones and automatically placing them on new phones, I was able to find her number. I immediately contacted her and told her we were in the market. She remembered me and most impressively, even remembered what country my wife is originally from. I knew we had the right agent this time.

The market was still hot for sellers and although Edith tried to get us into Grapevine and/or Flower Mound, we were unable to. This was mostly because the available homes in our budget on the market at the time, my wife was not pleased with. This was nothing Edith could control. We did put an offer on a house in Flower Mound and unfortunately did not win the bid.

My wife was very upset and is impatient with buying anything, especially real estate. In her home country if the house is available and you want it, then you buy it. There are no multiple offerings or anything of the sort. Edith then suggested some other communities, including Trophy Club. We came out to Trophy Club to visit some houses, and while driving out there we received a notification via the Zillow app, of a house coming for sale that morning in Trophy Club. We immediately called Edith and told her about it. Surprisingly on her way out here to show us 3 other properties, she was able to get a viewing of this new listing within in the times we were looking at the other houses, so we didn't have to even come back out.

That was on a Saturday, we loved the house and put an offer together. Just as we were walking into church the next day, I received a call from Edith, saying there were multiple offers and final offers had to be in that night. Edith really worked hard to make our offer the best offer for the seller, going above and beyond what we would ever had asked for and I am doubtful that other agents would have done what she did for us.

Ultimately, we bought the house and love it! We really do know that we bought this house, because of Edith's commitment to us as buyers. As result, we recommended her to a friend that was in the market just after us, and they also used her as an agent, and found her very helpful, friendly, and committed to the buyer's interests.

I should add that she also helped us out with getting a lender who like her, worked to get us the best possible mortgage deal.

03/17/2015 - wadam wilkinson

Professional, caring, engaged, honest, & VERY PATIENT. She was able to keep my marriage protected by taking my wife's recommendations, via FaceTime, and helping me to enter a contract on a home. We found & bought a home without my wife seeing it. Understand that my wife doesn't want me to go grocery shopping without her. Edith's ability to listen and digest is superior. Undoubtably the best.

03/16/2015 - alex kiwan kim

Edith was professional, knowledgeable, and most of all she was so prompt response to finding our first home.
After discussing our budget, wants, and needs, Edith delivered, and after viewing several properties, We found our perfect home!!!
She made the process stress-free, easy, and fun. and delivered our offer so accuracy, and to our relief, the seller did not come back with a counter-offer.
We closed within one month and could not be happier. Edith is honest, professional, and dedicated and we highly recommend her service.

03/16/2015 - sapollo75

Edith is a great realtor. She helped us find our 2nd home as our family expanded three years ago and was extremely patient in the process. She makes herself available, responds quickly to questions and requests and is very knowledgeable about the home buying process. We also had her list our prior property for sale but ended up renting it out instead (not due to lack of effort or expertise on her end though).

03/12/2015 - freemangriffin

Awesome experience.. Edith was selected to help sell my house. She hit the ground running and made suggestions, recommendations to assist me with several Issues when the tenants moved out of my home. I followed Ediths directions and my house was sold in 2 weeks after being on the market, not to mention the multiple offers.

03/12/2015 - MuhammadSarfrazKhan

Edith is the best person to deal with in this industry. She is extremely helpful and always excited about the next showing. She also helps you out in other facets of the home buying experience and makes the overall experience a breeze.

I would totally recommend her over anyone else, any day. She is the person you need to talk to if you want to buy a house!

03/10/2015 - idudina

Edith Schreiber helped us to find a house and went with us through the whole process from the very beginning through the end. Extremely professional and knowlegable. Always was in advance of every step that we were facing throughout the house purchase. Always was sharp for numerous meetings; easy to be reached if any questions or concerns. Seemed she was doing the work for the group of people involved! She was only one from the whole group and really showed interest and will to help. Year later we are still receiving some information from Edith concerning our property that is extremely helpful - very impressive! It's been a great pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Edith, for the great experience! Irina Dudina/Nik Dudin

03/09/2015 - user7048074

Edith was absolutely wonderful to work with on selling and buying of our houses. Thought the whole process she made us feel like we were her only clients, showing us houses across all of DFW. From professional photos on the selling side, to her patients and genuine desire to make she her clients find the perfect home continued to impress us. I highly recommend Edith to anyone looking to buy or sell there home.

03/09/2015 - sireenmalik

I met Edith in 2009 for the purchase of my first house in Texas. I have been her fan since then; always reaching out to her for buying or selling. She is very thorough, professional and passionate about customer service. I consider her as a part of my extended family. I have only the highest regard and respect for Edith, and wish her continued success in future.

03/09/2015 - user9926808

Edith helped us buy our first home in Texas. Though that was in 2009 she has always been helpful and I do not know of one occasion where she has not stepped up to help any way she can. That was the reason we asked her to help us sell when we moved from there. She again did an exceptional job. She is very reliable, efficient and result oriented. She has a good knowledge of her profession. She likes to work fast and gets things done with amazing speed just the way I like it. She has been in contact with us for the past 5 years and helped us in many ways. When we move back to DFW area (fingers crossed) I am going to look her up.

03/08/2015 - user2801073

Very on top of finding houses according to your desires. Checks houses out ahead of time so as not to waste your time. With you every step of the way and even after.

03/03/2015 - Hilary

I'm a happy transplant to Texas from Southern California. Edith was my expert guide every step of the way, across state lines and two time zones away. She helped me understand Texas real estate practices and helped me save money when the seller's agent missed a deadline.

In addition to her expertise, Edith is a great listener. She paid close attention to what I was looking for and found me the perfect home. And I do mean perfect!

Edith is professional. I interviewed three other Realtors in the Metroplex before meeting with her. She stands out from the crowd. She showed up early, gave me a relocation guide and answered all my questions. After we made an offer on my home, she kept track of all the details of the escrow, communicated clearly and kept me informed every step of the way.

I especially recommend her to those of you who are coming from outside Texas and need a reliable Realtor who is well-versed in working across state lines. Call Edith. You will be so glad you did.

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